OHS Compliance Audit Consulting

Compliance Audits to Ensure Adherence to OHS Regulations

A compliance audit is an all-inclusive analysis of an organization’s compliance with internal OHS strategies as well as national, provincial and local regulatory guidelines. The laws and rules governing occupational health and safety are subject to change as our technology and understanding advances. Existing OHS programs need to be updated to keep up with evolving legislation. Failure to do so creates health and safety risks for workers and legal trouble for organizations like fines and shut-downs. JMB Risk Management is experienced in carrying out detailed internal and external compliance audits to check that staff is trained and following safety protocols, safety systems are up-to-date with all regulations, and the company is meeting its own OHS goals.

What to expect during a compliance audit

  • Inspection of the site, workspaces and equipment
  • Evaluation of the existing OH&S system including goals, policies and procedures
  • Identifying and analysing weak areas for correction and/or improvement
  • Practical suggestions for attaining compliance and best safety practices

Auditing OHS systems to assess their effectiveness is an essential step in risk management. Ensuring protective practices and protocols are up-to-date, and are known, understood and being followed by staff, enhances the prevention and elimination of workplace incidents. Identifying lapses in protection and areas of improvement can prevent larger, costlier problems from developing later on.

For a thorough review and assessment of your organization’s Health and Safety system followed by recommendations to ensure compliance, or for a free quote, contact JMB Risk Management. Auditing is available for construction, warehousing, retail, and other industries throughout Britsh Columbia, including the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, and Alberta.

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