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Protecting workers from job-related accidents, illnesses and diseases, is a legal responsibility for all industries across BC and Alberta. JMB Risk Management provides experienced OHS consulting services for a variety of industries to help control risk and prevent damage to health and property.


Construction work presents a number of potential hazards for workers to be knowledgeable about. Falls from elevations, sprains and strains, cold and heat stresses, radiation, and working in excavations and confined spaces are a few of the physical risks to a workforce. Handling asbestos, silica, lead, paint and coatings have their own safety protocols. Learning proper procedures regarding cranes, ladders, scaffolds, power tools, electricity and noise may be necessary. Training in the use of personal protective equipment and knowing the appropriate response to bullying and harassment on the job are all requirements to keeping employees safe.


The storing and processing of goods requires hazard management and prevention to protect workers from different kinds of harm. Workers need training in the proper use of equipment like conveyors and forklifts, including safeguarding to protect workers from contact with moving parts, and de-energization/lockouts to render machinery safe for maintenance. Workers may also require training in the safe handling of hazardous materials (WHMIS), proper lifting and handling, noise management and reducing the risk of sprains and strains caused by repetition and overexertion.


Employees working in the retail sector face health and safety risks from slips, trips and falls, lifting and handling, working in isolation, using forklifts and ladders, and potential violence from other workers. OHS training to control and prevent risks includes topics on ergonomics, proper lifting, safe handling of equipment, proper response in first aid and emergencies, and addressing tripping hazards like clutter, obstructed views, damaged flooring and having appropriate footwear.

Most workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable through identifying them, then taking steps to control or eliminate them. JMB Risk Management assists companies with this process in the construction, warehousing and retail sectors as well as several other industries throughout BC and Alberta.

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