Health and Safety Training

All businesses are required to have a health and safety program for prevention and minimization of hazards and risks associated with the workplace. The programs effectiveness is compromised if employees aren’t aware, or sure, of how to apply it. JMB Risk Management provides OH&S consultations and program development as well as full training for managers, supervisors and workers, from duties and responsibilities to policies and procedures, to ensure everyone is aware of and understands their role in maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Health and Safety Manuals

Manuals provide written, step-by-step lists of best safety practices, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of OHS systems meant to prevent and eliminate the risk of accidents, injury and disease on the job.

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EH&S Policies and Procedures

Environmental health and safety affects all aspects of indoor and outdoor workspaces, from soil and water composition, erosion and pollution, to hazardous waste disposal, noise levels, air quality, ergonomics and more.

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COR Program Development

Companies with a Certificate of Recognition have more advantages than those without. JMB Risk Management guides companies smoothly through the process from start to finish.

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