WorkSafe and OH&S Safety Consulting

Managing the health and safety of employees is an integral part of staying competitive in business. Accidents and injuries reduce production leading to financial repercussions through lost time, compensation payouts, penalties and lawyers. Long-term benefits of implementing OHS systems outweigh the costs of initiating and maintaining such systems.

JBM Risk Management has extensive knowledge and experience in assessing OHS needs, identifying risks, implementing and monitoring safety systems, carrying out unbiased inspections and audits, training staff and ensuring up-to-date compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.

Compliance Audits

A compliance audit determines how effectively a health and safety system is meeting its internal and legal requirements as well as identifies areas to improve.

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Workplace Safety Inspections

Regular workplace safety inspections give companies the opportunity to identify, prevent, and remedy unsafe situations that threaten your workforce’s health and safety. Plus, they’re a legal requirement.

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Accident Investigation Support

Accidents and near-misses must be reported and investigated. Analysing what occurred before, during and after, helps identify root causes. Corrective action prevents future unsafe situations from developing.

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WorkSafe & OHSA Regulation Consulting

There are many regulations to consider when designing and maintaining an OHS system, to ensure compliance, strength and effectiveness.

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