Workplace Safety & Inspection Consulting

Occupational Health and Safety Inspections

Under OHS regulations, employers are responsible for carrying out regular safety inspections. These help to identify hazards and prevent the development of unsafe working conditions which might cause accidents, injuries, and diseases in the workforce, and lead to financial losses due to fines and delays for the organization.

JMB Risk Management in BC brings a clear, unbiased perspective when conducting thorough workplace safety inspections, ensuring your OHS system is performing effectively and efficiently to protect the health and safety of everyone involved.

What does a workplace safety inspection involve?

  • In-person inspection of the site, buildings, structures, excavations, tools, equipment and machinery
  • Check for hazardous conditions and unsafe work methods or practices
  • Ensure legal requirements, industry regulations, and manufacturer specifications are being met
  • Review known problem areas, previous investigations, first aid records, complaints and recommendations
  • Detailed, neutral inspection report write-up including hazard rating to prioritize severity of any hazards encountered and recommended corrective action

Organizations conducting regular safety inspections perform better, having a safer and healthier workforce, fewer incidences, and greater productivity. JMB Risk Management performs unbiased and comprehensive workplace safety inspections for companies involved in construction, warehousing, the retail sector and many other industries.

Located in BC, JMB Risk Management offers competitive rates and practical solutions for businesses throughout BC, the lower mainland, Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, and Alberta.

For a workplace safety inspection, or for a free, no-obligation quote, contact JMB Risk Management.

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