Health & Safety Manual Consulting & Writing

OH&S Manual Development and Review

The effectiveness of a workplace health and safety program is weakened when employees don’t know or don’t follow proper safety procedures. This puts workers at an increased risk of injury or disease, and their employer at an increased risk of financial losses through lower productivity and potential legal trouble. Having health and safety manuals outlining correct, step-by-step, safety procedures is a vital part of a robust health and safety program. JMB Risk Management has many years of experience consulting with companies in the development of easy-to-understand health and safety manuals.

Posted where needed in a workspace, manuals provide a written list of best safety practices. They allow quick and easy access to everyone coming in to a workspace: new and young workers with no experience, workers returning from long absences, workers needing or wanting to refresh their knowledge, and visitors. To continue to provide the best protection, manuals need to be updated when there is a change in the job, machinery, conditions and legislation.

Benefits of Health and Safety Manuals

  • Quick access to proper safety protocol
  • Controls and eliminates risks
  • Prevents accidents, injuries, disease and death
  • Promote faster, more efficient response in emergencies
  • Improves the safety and health of everyone accessing a workplace
  • Facilitates compliance with regulations, investigation and auditing

JBM Risk Management works with construction companies, warehousers, retail operators and in many other industries, to develop thorough and detailed health and safety manuals specific to the work they do. Managing the risks and hazards of the workplace is an important step in reducing the potential for injury or disease. Written safety procedures support all employees in achieving consistently high safety standards.

Whether you are a small employer (less than 20 workers) that requires a less formal health and safety manual, or a large employer (Over 20 workers) that requires a formal safety manual, JMB Risk Management is here to provide assistance.

For a Health and Safety manual consultation contact JBM Risk Management for a free, no-obligation needs assessment.

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